Children and Divorce

Divorce and parental separation is a highly stressful experience for everyone involved but children will often feel that their entire world has fallen apart.  Younger school age children are most vulnerable, but research has indicated that it is traumatic for children of any age to witness the demise of their parent’s marriage and the break up of the family they’ve known all their lives.  Children may react with anger and destructive behavior.  It is not uncommon for children to internalize the process and blame themselves for their parents’ problems.

Making your children your top priority as you navigate the divorce process can dramatically reduce your children’s pain and suffering.  Patience, reassurance and a calm demeanor can minimize tension as the child learns how to cope with the transition and the unfamiliar.  Established routines help create stability and structure for the children’s lives.  If at all possible, attempt to establish a working relationship with your ex and keep all disagreements with your spouse away from the children.  It is important for children to be able to avoid the stress and anguish that results from witnessing their parents in conflict.  With parental guidance and support, a child may successfully navigate the period of transition and hopefully emerge feeling loved, strong, protected and confident.

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