Once your divorce is over, you would hope that it is “forever” over.  Not always. Occasionally, parties agree to provisions providing for periodic updates or one party fails to do what was agreed upon.  If your spouse has not complied with his or her agreement as provided in your Marital Settlement Agreement, you may wish to bring that fact to the attention of the Court.  Additionally, issues such as spousal maintenance and child support may be complicated by a change in the income of the non-custodial parent. There are numerous circumstances that may occur that make a modification of the agreement necessary.

In a perfect world, all parties would be able to keep their agreements.   When circumstances change, it may be necessary to seek court intervention to force someone to “keep their word.”  The Court may also need to weigh in when a supporting parent  has lost their employment or suffered other reversals of fortune.  If the circumstances are appropriate, we will request the Court order that all attorneys fees be reimbursed by the party who has violated the agreement.