The process of divorce is considered challenging no matter what your status is in society. Arguably the most important relationship in your life is ending and the fact that such an event is difficult is no surprise. However, divorces involving significant wealth, property or other assets are usually more complicated than those that do not involve such assets. The potential for disagreements rises and the need for experienced legal counsel becomes a necessity.

High Net Worth Division of Assets 

Sheryl Rae Ghezzi has extensive experience with high net worth and financially complicated cases.  Twenty nine years of legal practice has taught us the most effective way to negotiate the complexities of property and asset division, no matter how substantial. There may be a great deal of work ahead, but with patience and an eye for detail, it is possible to emerge successfully to start a new life free from prior constraints. In high asset divorces you can guarantee that both spouses will employ a divorce attorney. If you both agree on most of the details of who should get what in the divorce, the process may be relatively peaceful and over within a short period of time. If your spouse is less than amiable or harboring anger against you, there is a high likelihood of an extended legal battle ahead of you. Our firm is experienced and well aware of the pitfalls and challenges that may lie between you and the end of the divorce. Whether you are a physician, corporate executive, dentist, lawyer, or other professional, we are prepared to provide expert consultations and a thorough review of every aspect of your assets, including residential and commercial property or closely held or family business interests.  Closely held corporations and family businesses create special circumstances that require careful considerations.

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