Let’s say that fifty/fifty is just a starting point.  There are serious long-term financial ramifications in any divorce. Sound judgment requires you not underestimate the stress of an uncertain financial future.  As you will most likely have much to consider when determining the best way to split your assets in a divorce, consultation with an experienced family law attorney is imperative.  For those with minor and young children, not only is your financial future at stake, but in a study cited in a recent article in Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, the investigators discovered that post-divorce conflicts over co-parenting were less likely where the couples were satisfied with their financial agreements. Malcore, S.A., Windell, J., Seyun, M., Hill, E. (2010). Predictors of Continued Conflict After Divorce or Separation: Evidence From a High-Conflict Group Treatment Program. Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 51:1, 50-64.

There are horror stories about the shocking lifestyle changes that occur post-divorce with statistics ranging from a 30 percent to a 70 percent drop in available income to unsuspecting spouses. The complexity of property distribution may require expert witnesses who will provide reports and provide testimony as to the value of marital assets.  Accurately determining the worth of your property before it is divided creates peace of mind  and helps avoid years of discontent with a divorce settlement.

Sheryl Rae Ghezzi strives to obtain the best results so that you can avoid a markedly changed financial situation after your divorce and begin a new life confident and secure.