Sometimes one spouse is abusive either verbally or physically or both.  Sometimes that spouse has a substance abuse problem or some other problem that is interfering with their ability to act rationale and humane towards their spouse or children.  Sometimes a spouse goes too far.

We do not condone violence, either in deed or word.  Nor do the laws of the State of Illinois when two people have certain kinds of relationships, including a marital one.  If your spouse is abusive, certain circumstances are apparent and you are afraid, we can seek a court order prohibiting them from continuing the abusive behavior; prohibiting them from entering the home; prohibiting them from going to the children’s school or your place of work; and other prohibitions that will work to make you feel more secure in your life.  This type of order can be sought whether or not you file for divorce.  You do not have to endure abuse.  We are here to help.