Social Media and Divorce: User Beware

This is a cautionary blog.

Your behavior on Facebook and other social media may have a bearing on your divorce and the future custody of your children.  has reported that approximately one-third of divorce filings in 2011 included the word FACEBOOK in them.  The article further disclosed that more than 80 percent of divorce attorneys report that social networking behavior is finding its way into divorce proceedings.

Remember, what you post can be read and memorialized by any reader then used to insinuate that your behavior is either inappropriate or detrimental to your parenting skills. Photo’s of you letting go and being risque on a vacation, can be distorted to accusations of a habit of wild behavior.  A playful picture of you and a crew member on a family cruise is an image that may suggest infidelity no matter how innocent.  Images (photographs) are very suggestive and although can often be explained away, can cause avoidable delays and unnecessary problems during a divorce or child custody litigation.

It has been suggested that Facebook and other social media may have images of behavior that so disrespectful to their spouse that the injured party feels they have no other alternative than to end the marriage. Often partners to a marriage are silently unhappy and enduring as best they can until they view outrageous online behavior of the other partner.  The marriage now faces an inevitable crumble.

If you value your marriage, be respectful of what you post.  A creative divorce lawyer can conjure many arguments against you from one innocent but suggestive crazy picture or comment.