Being faced with a legal issue that affects your family can be very intimidating. Your financial future, your life and your children may be at stake and you are being forced to learn information you don’t want to.  Facing this overwhelming life transition, it is important to have a counselor who is sensitively aware of how you are being affected and who is prepared to advise you based upon years of experience and knowledge.   An attorney who is compassionate and knows how to get the results you want.

Sheryl Rae Ghezzi & Associates can guide you through this complex process as we have a depth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of issues.  The scope of our practice is comprehensive.

Child Custody Considerations

It is sad then there is a little one who is unsuspecting that their life is about to be changed forever.  Parents should be aware that their child’s future life can be affected by how they handle themselves throughout their transition from their former family unit.  Parents need to sensitive to their child’s behavior as...

Other Family Law Practice Areas

Property Distribution and Spousal Support

The law makes a presumption that property accumulated during the marriage is marital property.  It is important to be aware what exceptions to this “marital”  designation  exist.   As Illinois is an equitable property State. the Court should take into consideration many facts in making a decision as to how the marital property is divided...